CacheGuard CacheGuard NG-1.2.6

A newer version EH-1.3.1 already available
Jean M
  • Mature and Highly Available
  • 26.04.2017 by Jean M Version: CacheGuard NG-1.2.6
- Excellent support - Multiple security functions in the same box - Isolation of traffic in dedicated VLANs - Multi ISP, Multi Gateway - USB/Ethernet adapter compatible - URL Blacklists and AV signatures inclusive - Highly available with two redundant instances
- Requires high level network and security skills - The Web UI does not include wizards - Can't create aliases for objects in the firewall
As a network engineer I began to use it at home and quickly proposed to my boss to implement it for some clients. Today we have 3 clients that are protected by CacheG. We have implemented it in both virtual and hardware configurations. I really appreciate to get quick answers from the support ; very happy!


CacheGuard NG-1.2.6

CacheGuard Secures and Optimizes Web traffic at the Gateway.
Company CacheGuard Technologies Ltd
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